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Technical data

Metal metallurgic industry: coal dust injection system for sm

Metal metallurgic industry: coal dust injection system for smelting blast furnace;
Thermal electric generation industry: injection system for the dry-method desulfized limestone in CFB
Iron& steel industry: coal injection system for iron-making blast furnace;
Working principle
During normal operation of the system, the material will accumulate in a feed hopper above dispensing vessel. When the low material level gauge is released inside the dispensing vessel, the vent valve on it is turned on, after the pressure inside the lock vessel falls to the set value, the feeding valve of lock vessel is turned on, the fluidizing valve of the lock vessel is turned on, the material falls to the lock vessel by gravity and begins to fluidize. The replaced air in the vessel and partial fluidized air are emitted through the vent valve. When the high material level gauge in the lock vessel is covered, the feeding and vent valves are turned off, and the fluidizing inlet air is maintained to reach a pressure balance between the collection and dispensing vessels. And then, the balance valve is turned on, the feeding valve of dispensing vessel is turned on, and the material falls to the dispensing vessel. The feeding valve, balance valve in the dispensing vessel, the fluidizing valve in the collection pump are turned on when the filling timer in the dispensing vessel stops, thus finishing a circle.
Above circulating loading process is a continual job in the tube conveying, namely, the material enters the conveying tube and then is transported to the hearth after the conveying air valve is turned on all the way.
Features of system
u  High injection precision;
u  Injection precision is stable, not subject to the change of coal nature and pressure inside the blast furnace;
u  The coal dust feeding system is smooth without fluctuation and the coal dust is conveyed in a stable and reliable way inside the tube;
u  The system can adjust the injection amount automatically according to the pressure inside the tube, thus effectively preventing the blockage inside the tube;
u  Unique vertical roto feeder is designed structurally so as to ensure the injection precision without relying on the sophistical instruments and control system;
u  The injection equipment is designed in compact manner, with few moving parts, easy operation, low fault rate and easy maintenance;