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Technical data

Coal chemical industry: multiple sets of equipment milling un

Coal chemical industry: multiple sets of equipment milling units and several coal gasifier between the coal transportation system
working principle:
Number of sets of large-scale coal chemical plant coal preparation equipment, but also a number of gasifiers, the presence of random spare and repair problems coal preparation equipment, there are also random gasifier spare and repair problems, so the range of coal preparation equipment gasification and coal conveying system between, we must solve two problems, first to ensure that a sufficient amount of pulverized coal transportation; second means to solve the coal preparation gasifier and simultaneously random spare time, coal redistribution . Only good solution to the problem of the redistribution of coal in order to ensure that any set of coal preparation equipment downtime, downtime backup any set of gasifier, gasifier each station is able to work to ensure adequate coal powder use.
Operation process is as follows:
Material buildup in the pump above the pulverized coal silo, the system started, the inlet valve and the exhaust valve opens, coal transport by gravity into the pump, the pump conveying nitrogen through the exhaust valve is replaced out;
When the pump is within the warehouse is covered with high-level gauge, pump filled with coal, conveyor systems close the exhaust valve, close the inlet valve after a certain delay, the outlet valve is opened;
Open the transport inlet valve, coal is transported pipeline started transporting;
When the system is in parallel as shown, and a pump delivery beginning, another pipeline pumps are also filled with pulverized coal bin, and then enter the state of readiness;
When the bin pump delivery pressure is reduced to the set value, close the outlet valve and opening the exhaust valve to complete a cycle;
The pump is in standby mode immediately start working cycle just ended charge pump immediately start, after filling in standby mode, ready to start.
Ensure that the system design of each compartment has two pressure gasifier feed line, when the gasification furnace and milling means each random backup, the system by opening the different transport passage switching valve to adjust the coal target positions, in order to achieve the individual gasifier is working in real time sufficient feed.
System Features:
Solid-gas ratio, transport the same amount of material, the amount of nitrogen less;
A lower conveying speed conveyor system can be extended the life of abrasive material;
Unique bottom fluidized elbow casting structure, the gas-solid mixing more evenly;
Use flow orifice and a pressure sensor control system pressure and flow rate to ensure smooth and reliable transport of materials;
Operation and control of the delivery system is fully automated;
A plurality of passage switching valve, flexible goals switching positions, so as to ensure the random spare premise, each pulverized coal gasifier can have sufficient available.