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Technical data

The industry of lime kiln: the pulverized coal injection syst

The industry of lime kiln: the pulverized coal injection system of beam type kiln
Working principle:
Each beam type kiln consists of 7 burning beams, 4 upper and lower 3, each of which has 5 coal inlet ports and 70 coal inlet ports. The coal pulverizing system by grinding the powder collecting device for collecting, falling into the coal depot. The pulverized coal injection system of the beam type kiln, which is a special type of Reed G company, is located at the bottom of the pulverized coal bunker. The system consists of up and down two series tanks, the upper tank is a storage tank, and the lower tank is a spraying and blowing tank. The injection tank outlet is equipped with dual rotary feeder rotary feeder, double to two DN80 pulverized coal feeding and uniform charge of road. Each root pipeline through a second distributor are arranged symmetrically divided into two DN65 branch, the branch pipe of the upper root DN65 through the distributor into two export quantity were 20 coal feeding pipe, lower per root DN65 branch through the distributor into two export quantity is 15 coal feeding pipe. Each coal pulverized coal injection device two through the competent Road into four branch to the 70 gun beam kiln continuous uniform.
System characteristics:
High precision injection; injection continuous, uniform and stable, not because of the pressure of material properties and furnace fluctuations affected; blowing smooth fluctuations, to ensure a stable and reliable material in the pipe conveying system; according to the change of pressure in the pipeline to automatically adjust the feeding quantity, can effectively prevent blockage of pipeline the design of vertical rotary metering valve; the unique structure can ensure the accuracy of the system blowing, without relying on the instrument components and complex control system to complete the overall design; spraying equipment has the advantages of compact structure, less parts, simple operation, action, low failure rate, easy maintenance; injection system injection pressure, the steps for charging and spraying four pressure relief, blowing process, can carry out corresponding actions with the furnace; double rotary feeder under the blowing pump according to the change of furnace conditions are real-time injection quantity adjustment.