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Technical data

Food industry: salt pneumatic conveying system

Food industry: salt pneumatic conveying system
Working principle:
The system uses two sets of dense phase conveying pump alternately running through the sealed pipe will be transported to the designated by the refined salt silo. In the running process of the system, refined salt accumulation in the pump above the storage silo, the refined salt by the action of the gravity of the unloaded to the delivery pump and then through 316L stainless steel pipe pneumatic conveyed to the reception silo specified in.
All the equipments in the system are 316L stainless steel, and can reach the food grade. Including two dense phase pump and the two pump disposed adjacent to and respectively by the respective manual inserting plate valve and expansion joint are respectively arranged in the storage bin outlet flange; work when the two pumps in parallel operation, work alternately, sharing a root conveying pipeline, through the pipeline switching valve for, sent to the designated receiving refined salt by silo.
When the system is running, dense phase pump inlet dome valve open, refined salt in the role of gravity fall into dense phase pump tank body, in the process of charging the exhaust valve on the tank open to allow replacement of the tank body of the air discharge. When the dense phase pump material level switch charging instructions after the completion of the exhaust valve closed. After a brief period of time delay after the completion of the dense phase pump tank filling, dense phase pump inlet dome valve closed. When the inlet dome valve and exhaust valve are closed and sealed, open the outlet valve, refined salt into steel pipeline, by switching the pipeline valve, transported to the designated to receive by silo. When the refined salt was sent to the receiving hopper, due to transportation pipeline conveying pressure reducing signal, the conveying air valves will be closed, the end of a delivery cycle.
The system features:
pump body, thin pipe, high transmission efficiency and low consumption; suitable for fine fluidity material; suitable for conveying distance; inlet dome valve dense phase pump is usually in a closed state; dense phase pump inlet dome valve opening at a preset time. Start feeding; feeding time length is pre scheduled, shut off the feed valve in full dome material; dense phase between each pump feeding and discharging outlet of dome valve with manual shutoff valve, when the use of equipment maintenance; dense phase conveying system of pump is running at PLC the one under the control of the pump; by down flow type discharging mode, and an outlet flow of the elbow to prevent material in the pump outlet blocked, while ensuring the material in each pump in the transportation to be fully emptied, and And the pressure loss is relatively small.