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Technical data

Iron &steel industry: pneumatic conveying system for ash in f

Iron &steel industry: pneumatic conveying system for ash in filter or bag filter in sintering plant
                  Pneumatic conveying system for ash in filter or bag filter in pelletizing plant
Working principle:
An Ashveyor is mounted on an ash hopper in a filter or a bag filter in the sintering, pelletizing and thermal electric generation plants. All pumps are connected in serial way to convey the material to the specified silo. After the air and material are separated, the gas is exhausted to the air or connected to the dust removing screen after passing through the bag filter. The entire conveying process is automated in procedures as below:
When the low material level gauge is not covered inside the ash hopper, the material is stacked in the ash hopper on the Ashveyor at idle state and the feeding valve is closed;
When the low material level gauge is covered inside the ash hopper, the conveying system starts automatically, the feeding valves of pump are turned on orderly, and the material falls to the pump by gravity;
When the pump is full of materials, the feeding valves are turned on orderly, the air inlet valve is turned on the pump, the compressed air enters to the pipe to send the material from the pump to the specified  silo;
The pressure sensing device is set on the conveying pipeline. When the sensed pressure is reduced to the set value, the pipe is emptied, the air inlet valve of compressed air is turned off, and the conveying system enters to the waiting state for a new circle;
The system runs automatically as above procedures and waits for the high material level signals in  silo or is shut down by the operator.
u  Features of system:
With air source from the air compressor, the system is a dense-phase pneumatic conveying system to centrally convey the material by connecting the Ashveyorin serial manner.
u  The system uses multi-time operation way by few amount of materials in preventing change of material nature, dampness and hardening and inconvenient transportation due to long-time storage in the hopper;
u  A group of valves and sensors are used to control the air pressure and speed, ensure the smooth and reliable material transportation;
u  Lower conveying speed can prolong the service life of system that delivers the erosive materials;
u  Less Ashveyor height, easy arrangement of filter, and saving of investment in the filter or construction;
u  The ash slop pump is simple structurally, with few moving parts, reliable performance and convenient maintenance;
u  The conveying system is operated and controlled automatically.