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Technical data

Long-distance pneumatic conveying system for cement and coal

Long-distance pneumatic conveying system for cement and coal ash
Working principle:
The cement or coal ash is stacked in the ash hopper on the top of conveying pump when the system is running properly. The exhaust and fluidizing air inlet valve are turned on, the feeding valve is turned on, the outlet valve is turned off, the material falls to the conveying pump by gravity and the vent valve releases the air replaced from the pump when the conveying pump is started. The exhaust and feeding valve are turned off, the outlet valve is started, and the material is sent to the specified  silo by the compressed air when the material level switch in the conveying pump displays that the conveying pump is full or reaches to the set time. After the air and material are separated, the air is exhausted to air or connected to the dust removing screen through the bag filter.
Features of system:
u  The conveying pump is a led-up type, equipped with fluidizing device at bottom with air source from the air compressor in order to ensure that the ash inside the pump is at conveyable fluidizing state;
u  The outfeed pipe is provided inside the pump and the outlet valve is provided on the outlet pipeline. The conveying pump has 4 channels for air ingress. The first channel is disposed on the top of pump to provide the pressurized air; the second channel is disposed at the bottom; the third channel is disposed on the sleeve outside the outfeed pipe; and the fourth channel is disposed on the pipeline outside the outlet valve.  The air sources in above channels are controlled by pneumatic valves. The unique structural design and air means can achieve the long-distance and large-capacity material transportation.
u  The conveying system is operated and controlled automatically.