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Dome Valve

Straight rod cylinder dome valve

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Betterclyde dome valve main technical parameters

Nominal size: DN50- DN600;
Nominal pressure: PN0.6 - PN2.5;
Control air pressure: 0.4 ~ 0.6 mpa;
Cylinder output torque: 75 ~ 2500 n. m / 5 bar;
Working temperature: regular dome valve 200 ° C or less;
Water cooling dome valve 480 ° C or less;
Ultra high temperature dome valve 600 ° C or higher;
Applicable medium: coal, dust, powder and granular materialssuch as fly ash 

The dome valve structure and working principle

The dome valve work steps:

a. the dome valve closed, seal gas seal;
b. when dome valve to open, seal exhaust pressure. Then ball open;
c. when closed again, the ball close; After closure in place, seal gas seal.