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  Technology and service undertaking
  The strength of our service activities delivery system technology products and after-sales service, make the following commitments, please supervise their implementation.
  1, I am strong technical force, a senior professional engineers of the technical service department, if your acceptance of our bid, I will give free technical support and a full range of technical services.
  2, my company to the user how to use the product free training and provide technical information on product use, maintenance, maintenance and other aspects of the user.
  3, my unit on a regular basis to demand-side site quality inspection, and solve related technical issues.
  4, complete product specifications stipulated in the contract conditions clear product liability, fully meet the needs of users.
  5, according to your request, I am only responsible for the equipment installation contract, commissioning and operation of the whole process, and engineering and technical personnel to the scene to guide the operation.
  6, quality guarantee period from the date of acceptance of the goods or from one year to the site 18 months. Warranty period, our free regular maintenance and equipment maintenance, equipment failure and appear responsible for free repair and parts replacement. Such as quality problems, we made within 2 hours after receiving the notice to respond to the buyer, and the user arrive at the scene within 48 hours free processed; outside the warranty period, we still provide technical services and spare parts supply concessions.
  7, for a non-party liability damage caused by our priority to provide parts and repair obligations.
  8, our long-term deals to provide equipment wearing parts.
  Service Tel: 010-89787474