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  In order to provide the most responsible systems, the company invested Rui Deke created the only integrated pneumatic conveying and injection systems experimental base through the material for particle size, bulk density, moisture, particle shape, corrosive , analyze and test the flow resistance and other properties, select the corresponding pneumatic conveying test equipment, after several different distances pneumatic conveying experiments, according to the test report provides the best solution in line with user demand site.  
   Rui Deke company now has thousands of materials, lab reports, for conventional materials are the basis for selection can be found in a laboratory inside the database; for new material and material difficult to transport, you can experiment means for the customer to make a reasonable feasible solution, ensures maximum system after the actual delivery and put into operation stable and reliable operation.  
   Transfer line installed at various locations in the laboratory with a transparent glass tube, so that customers can see the effect in real time material handling and injection in the closed pipe, a better understanding of the material at the time of delivery of the real state of pneumatic conveying nature.  
   At present, I have done a typical experiment a number of companies, including: 

  1. gasifier pulverized coal injection experiments
  2. lime kiln pulverized coal injection experiments
  3.0--15mm lignite particle transport experiments
  4. The bulk density greater than 3.6t / m3 and containing large particles of nickel ore transport experiments
  5. highly abrasive type molybdenum oxide powder delivery experiments
  6. The highly abrasive powder delivery type experiment
  7. quicklime transport experiments
  8. salt transport experiments
  9. slag powder delivery experiments
  10. superfine quartz powder delivery experiments